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Press Coverage

It's not about fame, it's about sharing your knowledge with the world

Bel receives Brown-Goldstein Award”, UT Southwestern Newsroom, April 2018

“Autophagy Process Essential for Normal Intestinal Defense Against Bacteria, Study Finds”, IBD News Today, August 2017

“UT Southwestern researchers find link between backup immune defense, mutation seen in Crohn’s disease”, Health Canal, July 2017

“Inside the War We Wage Against Crohn's Disease”, LabRoots, August 2017

“Link between backup immune defense, mutation seen in Crohn's disease discovered”, Science Daily, July 2017

“UT Southwestern Finds Link Between Backup Immune Defense, Mutation Seen in Crohn's Disease”, Science Newsline, July 2017.

“Study links immune defense, Crohn’s disease mutation”, Life Science Daily, August 2017

"The Role of Secretory Autophagy in Intestinal Defense”, Technology Networks, July 2017

“Breakthrough by Israeli university researchers may control colon disease”, Israel and Stuff, April 2014

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